The DVD from ‘The Bird Can’t Fly’ is finally there. The rental-release was last week and the retail-release is coming week. It’s also available on internet (although they do mail it abroad, the site is unfortunately only in Dutch). For people in Holland who prefer to watch it on big screen, 17 and 18 December in Cinema-Texel, I’ll be there for a Q&A.

While you’re all watching my film, I hope, I’m submerging in my new novel. Writing is such a miracle. Most of the day I’m in this tropical Indian world, where my new characters force me to create a surrealistic historical story of love, hate, power and powerlessness. The beauty from being in this writing process is, although I’m in my new studio (photo) and working according to my plan (photo under), I’m all day in the midst of new situations. My characters really do have their own personalities and bring me non-stop to unexpected experiences. It’s like being on a long trip full of adventure.