With my new script for ‘Silent City’ we were selected for

the exclusive co-producers market ‘Fabrica dei Progetti’ on the ‘Festival Internazionale del Film di Roma’.

Everyday we had an overfull agenda and met many interested co-producers, sales-agents and distributors. It’s fantastic to experience again the start of a new adventure. Especially since the response on the script was so very positive.

Apart from being my new film it is also the start of a new team. It was great to be so many days only with my new producers; Hanneke Niens and Hans de Wolf (photo). We talked a lot about our the project and I saw it growing in front of my eyes.

The great news was that ‘The Bird Can’t Fly’ won in this selection the price of the best film. Again an award! I fly… fly… fly back to the island and begin to work on my new novel.