In India more than 3 million children live on the streets. Most of them live in Bombay. The last thing I wanted to do for my research was visiting orphan homes and get a better understanding of the hierarchy among street kids. I learned that most of the children live in and around the train stations, where they by a system of bribery gain a form of security. They collect their money by begging or selling little items.

There are many orphanages in Bombay. All from different organisations and with diverse backgrounds. I went through a book with a list of all (?) the institutes. This book contains at least 100 pages. Tomorrow when I’m back in Amsterdam it will be hard to believe that I was here. Bombay is still the most extreme city I know in the world. The images around me are in the same time terrifying and seducing. I will miss it.

And for the fans of my collection plastic chairs, here some new Bombay ones.

Update schedule
My Film is shown in the following cinema’s in holland:
24 April and 1 May Den Burg Cinema Texel
1 t/m 7 May Venlo Filmtheater De Nieuwe Scene
8 May IJselstein Fulcotheater
8 May Amersfoort Filmhuis Lieve Vrouw
15 and 22 May Dieren Filmhuis Dieren
15 May Alkmaar Filmtheater Provadja
7 juli Zutphen Filmtheater Luxor