india – coonoor 2

A lot of the stories that I heard will never appear in the history books. This is understandable because many of the once rich and powerful British rulers, who stayed behind in India after its independence, were at the end of their lives very poor and some died in an awful way. My research is concentrating on the change these people had to deal with during their live.

But there is much more I’m exploring. I learn a lot about tea; the way it grows on the plantations, the manufacturing in the factories and the way it is sold on the auctions. Also I visited a 150 year old library. The president told me that some books were never read in all those years! These books were all novels. An encouraging fact when you’re working on a novel. I’m trying to get more information about army-life and the firebrigade but that’s not as easy as I hoped.

I start to become part of the town. Every day I meet more people. But I keep constantly meeting the previous ones as well. I wave to the local shoe-repair man. I chat with the funny woman on the square. I discuss the progress of my research with the hotelowner and I pass by my new friends for a chat. In every meeting I collect more interesting information. My note book is getting very full now.

Update schedule.
My Film is shown in the following cinema’s in holland:
17 April Schagen CineMagnus
24 April and 1 May Den Burg Cinema Texel
1 t/m 7 May Venlo Filmtheater De Nieuwe Scene
8 May IJselstein Fulcotheater
8 May Amersfoort Filmhuis Lieve Vrouw
15 and 22 May Dieren Filmhuis Dieren
15 May Alkmaar Filmtheater Provadja
7 juli Zutphen Filmtheater Luxor