Chennai 3

Here the summer has started, and after the cool mountains I really had to get used to the oppressive tropical heat again. Most of my time I’m busy with organizing the rest of my trip. With the support of my friends I try to get the right tickets and build up a network in my next city: Coonoor (further south). This was once the place where lots of British were living.

Beside that I’m continuing researching certain professions; in particular those people who are doing the ironing. Every Indian hires them and they are everywhere; under staircases in flats, in little shops and on the street. The majority uses a seven kilo iron filled with hot coals.

Before I board the train again, here are some plastic chairs from Chennai (the city formerly known as Madras).

Update schedule.
My Film is shown in the following cinema’s in holland:
10 and 17 April Schagen CineMagnus
24 April and 1 May Den Burg Cinema Texel
1 t/m 7 May Venlo Filmtheater De Nieuwe Scene
8 May IJselstein Fulcotheater
8 May Amersfoort Filmhuis Lieve Vrouw
15 and 22 May Dieren Filmhuis Dieren
15 May Alkmaar Filmtheater Provadja
7 juli Zutphen Filmtheater Luxor