I have been in Shimla, a town in the foothills of the Himalaya. It once was The British Summer Capital. I heard that when I want to find English descendants I have to go there. On my hunt to find them I talked in the English looking town to a journalist, a historian, a bookshop owner and his son, a princess, a former minister and her cousin, a writer and his wife. They all gave me tips and hints.

It got quickly clear that the last full-blooded English descendant was a woman who died in 1997. I spoke with her old friends and her assistants. I visited her house, which is still intact. I heard lots of stories about her extreme life. It offers enough material for an entire novel, but my search goes on. Today I will go by train to New Dehli and then fly back to Chennai. There I will plan my second part of my travel.

I said goodbye to Gogi my amazing assistant (left) and Omprakesh the driver (right).

Because Shimla is built against the hills there is hardly any space, therefore there aren’t many plastic chairs, but I always find some in Shimla. Also see the others I found in the Himalaya and of course the rest of in my collection.

Update schedule.
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