göteborg two

Always when I’m new in a city I need to walk around and try to understand where I am. Göteborg in winter is not directly the most exciting city to land in. It’s a weird mix of a rough harbour and a centre with bourgeois hairdressing salons. The most striking characteristic is the great amount of men behind prams.
The Film Festival itself is a separate world. The real movie junks hop from film to film with in their hand the schedules and programs. I’m here to answer questions after screenings of ‘The Bird Can’t Fly‘, and in between I try to see as much films as I can.

I’ve still a software problem with my site. The only way to get to the Dutch pages: click first on the English flag and then on the Dutch flag (left side of this page). This concerns all pages except for the weblog, which is only in English. Direct link to the Dutch pages of The Bird Can’t Fly. And the direct link to the English pages.