This is a shop-window in Utrecht (Springweg). It’s so special when somebody you don’t know makes this to promote your work. We need it. The film is shown in the cinema but not always on very convenient times. I hope the audience won’t be too much disturbed by that. Making a film is a rat race till the very end.

Tomorrow my new novel goes to the printer. In two and a half week it will be in the bookshops. That will be the end of the creation of ‘The Bird Can’t Fly’. Behind the scenes I’m already focusing on two new projects you soon will hear about.

The ‘Bird Can’t Fly’ is shown in:
AMSTERDAM: Studio K and Ketelhuis
ROTTERDAM: Lantaren/Venster
UTRECHT: Springhaver theater
ALMERE: Cinescope
DELFT: Lumen

I’ve still a software problem with my site. The only way to get to the Dutch pages: click first on the English flag and then on the Dutch flag (left side of this page). This concerns all pages except for the weblog, which is only in English. Direct link to the Dutch pages of The Bird Can’t Fly. And the direct link to the English pages.