The The Bird Can’t Fly is in the cinema. Yesterday I had 3,5 hour of radio interviews and reviews in all dutch newspapers! I can do nothing anymore. I hope you all love this Bird.
Cantina interview with Gijs Groenteman (2 hours)
Kunststof interview with Petra Possel (1 hour)

Queue up at the Cinema!
AMSTERDAM: Studio K and Ketelhuis
ROTTERDAM: Lantaren/Venster
UTRECHT: Springhaver theater
ALMERE: Cinescope
DELFT: Lumen

I’ve still a software problem with my site. To only way to get to the Dutch pages. Click first on the English flag and then on the Dutch flag (left side of this page). This concerns all pages except for the weblog which is only in English. Direct link to the Dutch pages of The Bird Can’t Fly. And the direct link to the English pages.