I got a grant from the ‘Fonds voor de letteren’ (Dutch fund for literature) to do research in India. It’s so exciting to start a totally new project. Yesterday I had an interview and explained the journalist that for me doing a research is like doing the shopping before cooking. During this exploration around a subject I collect all the ingredients that later will become the characters, events and moments in a new story.

I finally managed to have all my projects at different phases. A film which is ready and soon will be in the cinema. A novel in the last editing round, that will be printed next month. The first version of a new film script I work on and the preparations for the research trip to India. But… first I go on a little holiday to load the batteries.

Links to former research projects (photo during an interview in South Africa, graveyard in township)
-‘De stille stad’ (The silent city)=> research Tokyo.
-‘The bird can’t fly’ => research in South Africa.
-‘War for a kiss’=> research in Bombay and Calcutta.