Our last day and night we shoot 17 hours! We managed to get all shots before the sun came over the horizon. We kissed and thanked each other while the day was breaking. I went home, opened the best bottle of wine and looked at the ocean. A million thoughts and none at the same moment tumble through my brain. I thought of the beginning of this project. Of the fights and desperate search for money. Of Barbara (Hershey) who had been my Melody for the last five weeks and who had given me more then I ever would have dare to dream. Of Yusuf, the kid I found on the streets and who became a fantastic performer. Of the crew of which many I probably will never see again. I felt melancholic and happy at the same time. I realized that the naïveté which had been my biggest power to come so far in making this film was gone for ever. From now on I knew what it meant to make a movie. In the future I can’t write for example: ‘the thunder hit the ship and it sinks’ without thinking what it means to get that on screen.