Adri’s nineteenth question: How do you feel about going into night shoot again tonight?

Night shoots are very heavy for me because I’m an early bird. There aren’t many parts in this film that play off at night, and tonight we are only shooting until 11pm, so it is not too bad. The weird thing is that we always conduct these interviews half way into the shoot when I’m still focused on the next step, and I have not had time to overview the entire day. Our shoot days are getting a bit more hectic, because we are somewhat behind in schedule and thus have to work harder. We have 3 more weeks to shoot, and we have to invest all our energy into it to get it all done in such a limited time frame. The finer detail in the story is what makes this such a difficult film to make. There are so many factors which we need to combine to set this story in the right frame, such as the time of day, the weather, the availability of cast, special features, and endurance…the list goes on. To get the full effect, and bring the intended message across, I must make sure the initial storyline does not get put out of place.