nature of the industry

Adri’s fourteenth question: The weather forecast predicted 29 degrees today, how are you coping in this heat?

I can tell you, 29 in town is 39 out here. We’re shooting down in a pit and we’re all dressed like Arabs, covered from head to toe. This heat is realy something else. It realy feels like we are in a desert. No shade, no water, just sand and the sun. Each of us have a waterbottel strapped to our wastes which the craft ladies keep filled for us. We’ve been moving very slowly today because of the heat, but we have to stay focussed and try to forget about the sun. Our Unit department have put some kazeebo’s and chairs out, and it does help a little, when you have a break to go sit in the shade, but we’re so busy shooting all over that we are almost constantly in the sun. The wind is going to start blowing soon as well, hopefully not to strong, then we will have another element to deal with, but that is just nature.

(Picture from the left: Danny Stevens, Script & Continuity Supervisor, Birrie Le Roux, Set Designer, Nicolette van Wyk, Make-up Artist)