kids on set

Adri’s thirteenth question: How are the kids who you are working with?

Yusuf, one of our lead actors, is doing very well and improving every day. The other kids, aged 4 – 12, are a bit of a pain, I must say. For the scene we were doing this morning, the kids had to move to the right, the ostriches to the left, and the kids just would’nt move. It is very hot here today, 29 degrees, so maybe that is why. The animal trainers have a lead which they use to make the ostriches move, so that was fine, but getting the kids to move in the right way was quite a frustrating task. The on-set Childminder spends time entertaining them, teaching them and decides where to draw the line when it comes to discipline. The rest of us have to be gentle with the children, be soft and friendly towards them otherwise they may just decide not to finish the shoot. I could have killed one today! (she says jokingly)