seven weeks

From tomorrow on a daily weblog because so much is happening and I don’t have time myself anymore to write. Adri Coetzee (my personal assistant) is going to interview me over a period of seven weeks. One question a day! It will be about unforeseen problems, difficult moments and surprising gifts.

A little introduction: My name is Adri, I’m 25 years old and have been living in Cape Town for 6 years. When I first moved here I made my living doing waitressing, then one day someone very dear to me phoned and offered me a job on a sci-fi series as the Unit & Transport administrator. This series ‘Charlie Jade’ was the biggest series of it’s kind ever shot in South Africa and it sparked my interest in the film industry. After that I worked at a Unit company, renting out equipment to the film industry, but it just was not close enough so I made a very impulsive decision to quit my job and attempt freelancing. A scary decision, but here I am…. working Threes’ assistant on ‘The Bird Cant Fly’. One has to take chances sometimes, and I’m confident this was a good chance to take.