Everything seems to be in motion. Life is sometimes like that. Although the movement is not yet very extreme or fast, I know I’m entering a new phase. It is hard to describe why I know this. I can only say that I’ve a feeling in my abdomen, but I don’t have any prove yet.

While this underflow is happening I’m doing several small projects and events. Last night I read out of ‘Motormoeder’ during the Rotterdam Lezersfeest and was interviewd about it. The day before I supervised a group youngsters that is setting up a theatrical experiment in theatre ‘Huis aan de Werf’. I’m writing a lecture about Oldenzaal, the small town where I did a project two years ago, fighting with a lawyer against an organisation that screwed me, applying for subsidy and grants, supervising some more young and old theatre-makers, talking with people in Shanghai and Iraq about doing a project… and my house desperately need some paint after a leak.