Early this morning I left Cairo. No more pollution and hooting cars, no more amazing performances, no more discussions with the other jury members about our different interpretations and similarities. I’m still overwhelmed by the whirlpool of cultures. My head is too full; I have problems to find the right words to express myself.

In this years competition (30 performances from 29 countries) several Arab groups came out as winners. ‘The Fire of the Violet’, a performance from Syria, won the price for best performance and director. Iraqi artists made an emotinal performance about war and won the price for best scenography. I feel so deeply that I live in an extreme restless world and that freedom of expression is one of the most important values. I have seen so much, and all so different in content and style. I saw war, violence and exploitation. I saw loneliness, anger and confusion. I saw hope, desire and dreams. I’ve made a trip around this world in two weeks and I’m very thankful for that experience.

And of course some new chairs from the heaven of garden chairs.