Although it is huge and chaotic, with 16 million inhabitants, millions of cars and almost no traffic lights, I can’t wait to arrive in Cairo. I have a passion for hectic overcrowded metropoles and it’s been a long time since I was in the biggest city of Africa. This time I’m not going to do research for a personal project, but I’ll be there as a member of the jury of the 16th Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theatre (CIFET).

Within a period of two weeks I will see 58 performances from 45 different countries. A bigger contrast with what I have been doing last month is hard to imagine. It will turn everything in my head upside down I suppose, so when I’m back, I will be able to look to my own work with fresh eyes, that’s for sure. Also because there is a lot going on; my film project is going into a new phase again, I’m gonna make a clip about Bombay for The Royal Tropical Institute and of course I will finish my new novel, The Silent City, about which I’m exited.

For the garden chair fans, here are some new France ones from last month