Over in Holland my publishing house Vassallucci seems to be splitted in two. The publisher left, the chief editor stayed and the authors are considering what is the best for them. But I’m to far away to be part of all the emotions and discussions about the future. I’m drowning in other discussions, being with a group of artists locked up for two weeks in a laboratory, trying to ask them the right questions.
I’m working her with 4 other facilitators. Three multimedia artists: Shigeaki Iwai from Japan, Pilyun Ahn from Korea, Derek Kreckler from Perth (Aus) and Elizabeth Drake, a composer from Melbourne (Aus). When I walked this morning from my hotel to the lab I realised that every building, car or stand carries signs and indications. Are these Australians stupid or is this the ‘warn-so-I’m-not-responsible’ disease which blow over from USA to create ignorant people. I realise asking challenging questions gets even more important then I thought.