jumping the globe

With clean clothes and re-packed bags, I’m off again. One month working in Australia. This time it won’t be a project of my own; Time_Place_Space invited me to be one of their facilitators. Before I’ll go to Adelaide I’ll give a lecture in Sydney about my theatre, film and writing work and how these are connected.

Time_Place_Space, a professional development laboratory based in Adelaide, where 20 Australian artists for a period of two weeks get the chance to explore new methodologies and practices in interdisciplinary arts. As one of the six facilitators my role will be to support, challenge and analyse, with an emphasis on dramaturgy. I have no clue yet what that will mean but I’m sure when I’m there it will all uncoil.

I’ll end my month with another lecture, this time in Perth. So for you who’re interested:
Sydney – 5th July 6.30 => Performance Space, 199 Cleveland St, Redfern
Adelaide – 15th July 6.30 => Adelaide Centre for the Arts, 39 Light Square
Perth – 1 august 6.30 => Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, 51 James Street
Organised in association with Time_Place_Space, Performance Space and Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, Para//elo and AC Arts.

And for the Garden Chair fans some new ones.