writers flames

I have decided not to work under such a strong regime as I did last year. Motormoeder I wrote in 4 weeks! Main reason is that the 3 weeks I ve got now is absolutely too short to write an entire novel and I won’t have time after to recover . So my aim for these weeks is finding the style, the rhythm and the form. The first days I struggled a lot. It was hard to get it into my fingers. Two days ago I woke up with the idea to rewrite all I had done in the past tense. All of a sudden it worked. It is weird to created a complete new story in the past, very often I don’t know what is gonna happen in the next sentence but it stimulates my imagination.
In this isolation without phones or email I also do other things. I dive in the most divine pool I know, trim the brambles, rake the straw from the field and burn it. While looking into the flames I invent new twists for the story. Sometimes it’s not bad at all to be a writer.