Motormoeder is launched

Last weekend was filled up with launches and interviews. It all started Friday with an intimate presentation in ‘Motorclub Intiem’ in Amsterdam North, where in between two old double deck busses a small motorclub arose, especially for the occasion.

My sister Anita, just mother, presented me the first copy of my book.
Sunday the public presentation was held in bookshop Scheltema. Journalist Marjolijn de Cocq, also just mother, did a public interview with me.

It seems only mothers interview me this time. And most of these mothers do feel that my book is an attack against motherhood, which in a way is only a small part of the content of my book. So I’m desperately waiting for a non-mother interview, because my book deals with much more than just motherhood.

Signing on my motorbike in a bookstore!.

Few days later I’m number 4 on the Parool (newspaper) top-10