Time machine

Research in Tokyo part 19:
This photo I made in the Tokyo subway in 1986.
Being back home after an intense period of research is always a shock. I’m trying to digest all my impressions and suddenly I can see much clearer in what kind of world I’m actually living.

Tokyo subway 2004. The most special experience during my Tokyo research was the constant feeling of being in a time machine. Not many people get the chance to experience this. It only happened to me because I left Tokyo 18 years ago quite rapidly and since I worked in many different countries that I actually never thought of Tokyo again untill the moment I decided to use this town as a backdrop for my new novel. From that moment on the files in my memory bob up constantly. Last month I have made 70 pages with notes. This must be enough to create a new story…

Rockers in Yoyogi Park 1986

Rockers in Yoyogi Park 2004.

Me and Junko after six saké in 1987

Junko and me after six saké in 2004

I have to thank many persons for their time and help but most of all I want to thank Keiko Nakata for all the days this last month that she helped me, translated interviews and showed me her world. Without her I never would have come this far.