Time to pack

Research in Tokyo part 18:
Have you ever had the idea a fish wanted to eat you? Yesterday I visited several parks in Tokyo. Most of them have fishponds filled with carps. When I passed by the fishes, they aggressively came up to me, asking for food or perhaps they thought they were piranhas.

Also I saw again the consequential behaviour to manipulate living beings. Trees and bush cultivated in any form.

The evening was for ‘Ban’yu-Inryoku’, the theatre group where I worked 18 years ago. I saw their show in a small theatre called ‘The Factory’. It was the first time the show was not directed by the official artistic director, Seazer, but by another director. Even though it made me think of old times that I had thought will never return.

And now it is time for me to pack by bags, clean my apartment and do my last things of my list ‘STILL TO DO’.