Questions and answers

Research in Tokyo part 17:
I’m getting to the end of this research and my list with ‘TO DO’ is getting smaller and smaller. I focussed this month on three major subjects:
-1- How do people survive in a totally different culture?
-2- What is the world of hostesses?
-3- How to prepare fish?
But I still have a lot of detailed questions.

Tari woke up very early and was my interpreter on the Tsukiji fishmarket.

Men wet and dirty of their work explained everything I wanted to know. Again I was overwhelmed by the amount of weird creatures that exist in the hidden world of the sea.

Later on Keiko took me to Kamakura an old city an hour away from Tokyo, dotted with ancient temples and shrines. She understood what I needed. We walked for hours in the hills and on the beach and talked. Slowly more things about Japanese culture become clear to me.

Near one of the shrines was a flower exhibition with incredible creations. The big plant has one stem!

Although I begin to understand more and more, certain things will always be a mystery to me.