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Research in Tokyo part 11:
While I was typing my report of today I got emails telling me that in Holland the well-known and outspoken film-director Theo van Gogh is murdered because of his opinion. This event confuses me. Not only the murder itself, also the possibility to get this news immediately and to have the possibility to listen to the radio and get live report without any delay.

Exit Shibuja station 18.20 today. Today I wanted to write a weblog about living together with 27 million people in one city (and it’s suburbs). About how all those people manage, how they organise, about their flexibility, this society, where there is hardly any crime. A city with very tolerant people. With train-stations where daily a million punters passing through without problems. I mean without collisions. People don’t scream, don’t bump into each other because they think they are in a bigger hurry than others. Tokyo today gives me something that I appreciate more then I even could imagine.

After writing my report I realised that all meetings I have had the last few days (five very interesting interviews) taught me more about acceptance and being flexible. But it is this horrible murder that makes me realise this even better.

More info CNN and BBC