Research in Tokyo part 10:
Today I was guest of one of the members of the Chiba AFWJ (Association of Foreign Wives of Japanese). They had their yearly Halloween party. For me it was a great chance to meet several women who are living in Japan because they felt in love with a Japanese man and stayed. While around us their half-blood kids were trying to collect as much sweets as they could.

Being a foreign woman in this country, where emancipation seems an alien concept and where cultural differences can bring mayor problems, groups as this one are important.

After I went to check out another phenomenon, the so-called ‘love hotels’. Not designed for overnight stays. As a woman alone I couldn’t go in but at the entries to these hotels are panels with pictures of the rooms. Though if I really wanted I could have seen one from the inside because as a woman alone in this neighbourhood I had no lack of attention.
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