Research in Tokyo part 4:
When I was searching for an apartment in Tokyo I absolutely wanted a house in Japanese tradition.

This means living on a tatami floor and sleeping on a futon, like I did many years ago. But writing long reports of my experiences on a computer while sitting on the ground is hell. So today I bought a second-hand desk chair and moved my computer into the cupboard. Hope the owner doesn’t find out because chairs on the tatami are strictly forbidden.

I’m not the only one that has to adapt to my surroundings. Today I was guest at the ‘Garden Club’ in Ark Hills.

Here people learn every second Saturday morning gardening from garden-professor Akemi Sugi. The garden itself is build on top of a huge concert-hall.

Today forty women and one man, all dressed in gardening clothes, learned how to pick flowers and how to plant plants in a pot.

Right now when I’m putting this log on the web, there is an earthquake. My whole room trembles, the clothes above my head move and the lamp on the ceiling swings.

Ten minutes later, a second one follows, even more heavy.

And again five minutes later another one. I forgot how it felt. I have to confess that I need to get used to this shaky feeling again.

(News report of Japan Times)