Relaxation and action

Research in Tokyo part 3:
All day long I collect loads of material about which I can’t write in this weblog, for I want to use it for my new book. Still I’ll try to give you a small impression of what I see.

Everybody I interviewed these days (today a website designer and a male model) tell me they are stressed. The mode of life requires so much of their bodies and minds; especially when they are older they can’t keep pace with the speed. Surviving in this very expensive city is for most people a full-time job. Therefore the shops are filled with solutions.

I saw two racks (with four sides = 10 metres) of things used only to massage your feet. And I’m not talking about the electric equipment yet. Even socks on which the massage pressure points are printed are being sold.

Beside this there are racks full of stuff for neck, back, knee, hip, arm, hands, head, elbow, calves or forearm.
So don’t worry about me!