still alive after 15 columns

After 15 columns, 69 meetings with inhabitants and more than 150 emails with reactions I’m getting deeper and deeper into this small dutch town, Oldenzaal. Under the friendly blanket of nice people I discover a very old fashioned society, were new money rules and newcomers are not very welcome. Although it is a central marketplace in this region, starting a business here is not easy. I knew that small towns away from big cities often are closed bastions; I just never had the chance to meet it from so nearby.

Beside all this busy writing and research I had to go, for one day, back to Amsterdam to finish my documentary, which got a new title: ‘Een regisseur aan het werk’ (‘A director working’) and to have an official lunch, where my novel De kus van de weduwe (The Kiss of a Widow) was presented with a new cover.

The Dutch ‘Bookclub’ bought a full print of my book, which will be on the market in December. Also the casting for The Bird Can’t Fly is very exciting at present. I’ll keep you updated soon.

[inline:194_9445.jpg=/weblog/images/newsattach/194_9445.jpg](During the lunch with the ECI).