Blasts and nominated

What a day… I had just finished the first writing session for the script and sent it round for feedback. Good day to go downtown to the Bazaar together with a friend, to buy some Indian fabrics. Right on the moment we arrive a bomb explodes in the next block. At the same moment another one explodes at the Gateway of India, the main Bombay tourist attraction. Both are very crowed areas. As far as I know 45 people died and 140 are injured.

Immediately we decided to return; we expected a chaotic traffic jam… but there is always a jam. Nobody seemed worried or upset. Kids just piss, people walk and taxi’s drive. No screaming, no running… Life here is always tough.
(little girls having a pee not far from the bazaar)
When I come back home I get the news that I’m nominated for the new literary debut price the ‘plantage debutanten prijs’ with my novel the ‘ De kus van de weduwe’.
Let’s call it a weird day.
Hours later. The atmosphere is changed. Everybody slowly seems to realise what happened. Shops are closed. Police is extreme alert. People are worried.