Storm and fever

It’s stormy weather in Bombay. These are not the kind of storms we are used to in Europe: just a few seconds of heavy wind and rainfall, while five minutes later nothing seems to have happened; the sun shines and the fans create a nice draught inside.

(The storm destroyed the billboard next to my house)
Today I don’t work. I’m in bed with a high fever. My habit to eat from all kind of street vendors finally knocked me down.
The script for the film ‘War for a Kiss’ (the reason why I’m here) is really getting there. And since I had a hectic trip in an extremely overcrowded train, I don’t experience the fears of my main character any longer. I’m glad, because it wasn’t a nice experience at all.
My two naughty friends Jan and Piet still drive me mad with their endless chattering on the balcony.

(Jan and Piet disturbed in their chatting)
Yesterday I saw a little girl selling home-made catapults. Perhaps an idea…