Fiction or reality?

It is always a funny thing to discover new peculiarities about yourself. Here I am behind my laptop, writing ‘War for a Kiss’, the story about an innocent girl from the west who becomes a mature woman in the east. I want her to be ravished; not by a man, but by a city. I let her descend into a metropolis, which is partly hell and partly heaven. This city, the antagonist… is Bombay.
Now the weird thing that happens to me is that I’m becoming like the girl. This place, which I know so well after so many visits, and where I always feel myself very much at home, becomes intimidating. Suddenly all men have “angry” moustaches,

every pothole makes me think of a grave…

I’m a bit worried. I’ve only arrived at one third of the story; I have yet to go much deeper… Luckily my friends the crows keep me company.