Writing with obstacles

In Bombay it always takes some time to get installed, but I’m nearly there. Internet and sms are still problematic though. There is no Internet cafe anywhere near and my Indian mobile refuses to reach Holland.
I’m living in a very quiet place, according to Bombay standards. My flat is on the 10th floor, with on my left the sea and on my right the Bombay skyline. Today I started the actual writing. The only ones that disturb me are two crows on the balcony. I call them Jan and Piet. They are ‘talking’ the entire day.

(This is Piet. The other one is Jan)
And I needed that entire day only to develop my first scene – because my cupboard was crawling with vermin and a guy came to kill them, with the result that I could hardly breath for hours – but the scene is there and it became, just like I wanted it to be, ‘the film in a nutshell’…