Being a writer

The biggest difference between making a theatre show and writing a book for me is that with a show you feel your audience. You can smell if you are right or wrong. And when you hear the applause you can draw your conclusions. But now…

Therefore it was a very special afternoon last weekend. I had my first session to sign books at the Oerol theatre festival. In one and a half hour all hunderd books were sold.

I’m very sorry for all those people who arrived too late and only found an empty table with a sign SOLD OUT.
It was great to meet people who wanted to buy my book, and those who already read it. The dearerst comment for me came from a woman who walked up to my table with the book firmly pressed to her breast, looked up at me and said ‘This is the most horrible book I ever read. Can you please sign it for me.’ I signed while she kept repeating ‘so horrible, so horrible…’