finishing and new

I never knew how important an editor is for a writer, naturally, for it’s the first time I have one. He is my advisor, my help, my support and he provides that my book will be faultless; although, as he told me, no book is letter-perfect. We were not ready yet and I was getting worried because the deadline is approaching. But there were many other important things that needed his attention. Other books had to be ready before mine and last week Abdelkader Benali, one of his authors, won the ‘Libris Literature Price’, a very important Dutch literature price. So I was getting nervous.

But now we are working like a rocket to the moon and we will be ready just in time.

(Liza) While I was impatiently waiting, I found the first 18 years old girl for an interview as research for the Bollywood film. It helped me getting back into my own memories and showed me clearly the differences with the younger generation.