Bombay 6

Am I in Paris? Vendors sell funny things to survive. Eifel Towers in Bombay. My table has to go back to my neighbour and I’ll move to the hotel today. It means no more writing and descending into the wedding buzz. And that will be more extreme than we all think because the hotel where we, the family from out of town and all the foreigners, are accommodated is opposite the memorial shrine of Ambedkar. Ambedkar is the man who fought to secure an allotment for Dalits (known as the ‘Untouchables’) in parliament and he is regarded as one of the key architects of the Indian constitution. Every year there is a huge memorial for him in Bombay. An uncountable amount of Dalits come from all over the country to Bombay. These days transport is free for all of them.

Although taxi still cost money! The coincidence is that this memorial for Ambedkar and the hotel with a big part of the wedding ceremonies is opposite each other in the same street. What will happen…? So it’s packing now… then in the taxi… and hope I’ll have a room facing the street… And I have no if I’ll have excess to a computer the coming days.