Bombay 2

Doing laundry in the sewer. I’ve got my table and now my landlord has no table anymore. It is one of this things I don’t understand. But it constantly happens here. Indian people seem so much less interested in these things than I am. I need things around me; a table, a stove to cook on, a chair to sit on… a book to read, a pen to write with… a dustbin to throw my rubbish in, a cupboard to hang my clothes, etc etc… I always get the feeling that Indian people take it as they get it. That’s why I have an immense respect for them.

(A neighbour who lives on the corner) Bombay is of course dirty and noisy as usual. (read my diary in the Bollywood section). My laptop is after a day hard working covered with dust. Dust is everywhere. I’m writing like an idiot on my book. I want to finish it before I start writing the new setup off my Bollywood film; it is a very unsatisfactory feeling that I constantly have to work on the book in bits and pieces; I lost the line. But I’m nearly done now. Ten more pages and totally squared eyes.
And for the rest everything seems to revolve around love these days. I’m surrounded by upcoming weddings and people in love, here and in Holland. The preparations for my friends wedding are in full swing. Everybody is nervous. 2000 guest from all over the country is no small matter! The coming days I’ll work on my script and then submerge in the wedding buzz.