Bombay 1

Clean and Green. It is Bombay … but it has changed. Or is it me who’s changed in the last two years? It looks as if everything is much cleaner, and where are all the people that used to sleep in the streets? Are they starting to behave as western governments? Hide your dirt!

Or is it just because I didn’t go deep enough into it yet? Beside buying a beautiful sari for the wedding. Above me the fan is turning and outside on my window sill a crow is sitting. In the distance I can hear the rickshaws hooting. Till now I only tried to organise my little house in Bandra. Again I have a funny landlord. This time not an alcoholic but a languishing old bachelor who would prefer if I came and sit with him all day in his living room and chat. I told him, I’m here to work and I need a table. He showed me a undersized stool. I tried to explain that I need something a bit bigger, and mimed writing on my laptop. You brought a typewriter!? He asked me. When I told him I was writing a film about Bollywood, he looked at me as if he suddenly saw a new kind of race.