The casting director

All the producers are here together in Amsterdam: Tom flew in from Ireland, Joel has passport problems, so Tendeka came instead of him, all the way from Johannesburg, and there’s Monique and me: we’re just from around the corner. Today I will meet Leila as well, a casting director from London. These are always a weird sort of meetings – because you know, if it doesn’t click… We’re loosing again a lot of time. But I really like her. We had dinner at my place and we drank far too much, but our noses are pointing in the same direction now.

Next morning Leila comes with a long list of suggestions. I like that. It opens my mind. I suddenly realise how incredible big the changes are if I choose different actors. It is their mix of energies that will be the diamond of my film. I tell Leila who my favourites are and her hunt for the perfect cast can begin.
The rest of the weekend is full of meetings between the three producers, discussing the budget and the financial plan. I listen for half an hour but all these figures and constructions begin to spin in my head. I prefer to work on my book. And that’s what I do for now.