A totally unexpected change

While waiting for the filmfund’s decision. Wednesday the day that was marked in my agenda with huge letters didn’t bring me any relief. The decision of the fund suddenly was postponed to Friday. To survive this vacuum of waiting I did something totally different.
The last half year, in between all the waiting, I wrote a lot. Not for my African or Bollywood film but just a normal book. I can’t spent my time waiting for commissions and producers. I need to create something and because making a film is the most time consuming job in the world. I wrote a book about this waiting. Not totally true. It is a book about me from the first second I decide to change my career and make a movie. Any how. Hardly anyone knows I’m doing this.
That Wednesday when this film-fund decision didn’t come I phone a friend of a friend who works for a publishing house and asked if I could have a talk with him. Till now no-one has read my manuscript and I have no clue if it has any standard or not.
Next day ((!!)), yesterday we have lunch together. I’m nervous. I have my 160 pages in my handbag. And I’m still not sure if I shall give it to him or not. I first need to check him out. We talk a bit about common friends and acquaintances. And then I tell him about my book. And all the time he looks at my bag. Waiting for the moment to unveil it. Finally I give it to him.
He promises me to read it soon and he’ll let me know something before the end of next week.
Friends told me that normally publishers need at least three month to read and react on a manuscript. So next week sounds great in my ears.
Today when I woke up I saw that somebody phoned me last night. I don’t recognise the number and therefor don’t phone back. Later that morning the guy from the publisher phones and tells me that he also phoned me last night after reading the first 50 pages and he thinks it is beautiful. I didn’t know what to say. Still I don’t.
It is Friday night! I still have no clarity about the decision of the film-fund. Even though my producer phoned them the whole day. But there is now also a publisher that keeps me anxiously await. This is what they call a nice restful weekend!!!!!!!!!