het laatste land

The novel 'Het laatste land' (The Last Land) published by Signatuur.

ISBN 9789056724641 425 pages
€ 19.95 or as E-book 15.99

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean is a little archipelago. Life is good and thriving till the day when an extreme heavy hurricane sweeps across the islands and breaks off all contact with the rest of the world.

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wachten op de moesson

‘Wachten op de moesson’ (Waiting For the Monsoon) ORDER the english version or buy it at AMAZON.COM
Nominated for the Dublin Literary Award 2014.

Before publishing sold to Mondadori in Italia, Anansi in Canada, Suhrkamp/Insel in Germany and Maeva in Spain. Also sold to Pax Forlag in Norway.

- "Anna convincingly describes the unexpectedly flaming up love between an English lady and a much younger Indian illiterate"
- "Threes Anna interweaves with masterly skill the lives and characters of two people up to a beautiful and sad love story"

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vogel kan niet vliegen

The novel inspired on the film ‘The bird can’t fly’.

- 'Just like in her novel "De stille stad" (The Silent City) Threes Anna succeeds in enriching this beautiful new novel with a strong poetical dimension'
- 'Nobody needs to explain Threes Anna, after all those years of film and theatre making, anything about staging, building up of tension, or dialogue writing. For that reason only, "Vogel kan niet vliegen" (The Bird Can't Fly) stands out high above the average book'

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de stille stad

Film edition

QUOTE: "Threes Anna is a true master in the description of small and big disappointments" **** Janet Luis

Threes Anna shows with poetical and deadly accuracy how fishes die when you stab your knife into them, how fast the light in their eyes extinguishes when you lift them out of the water, how lonely one can be in a city with over a million inhabitants

For the novel I did a extensive RESEARCH in Tokio.


The first Dutch novel on mobile phone or palm-pilot (january 2005), DOWNLOAD NOVEL.

- ‘Ladies, no matter if you love motorcycles or children: read this novel!’
- ‘Fluent, strong dialogues’
- ‘ almost perfect symbiose of the author’s style en the object of desire: the motorcycle! [...] In her preference for short, clear phrases and now and then a strong swearword, Anna’s best scenes resemble those of Bukowski. Motormoeder is nearly a genre in itself, somewhere between soap and elegant whiskeyprose’

de kus van de weduwe

.Debut novel, a fictionalised account of almost five lonely years of mourning following the sudden death of a lover.

Four times reprint and special edition for ECI.

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- “ … a beautiful and mercilessly honest book… It is very impressive that Threes Anna has found her own tone so quickly, with her first book: poignant, succinct and unsentimental.”
- “ An exceptional book by an exceptional woman.”
- "A very gripping novel"