rough set up

Ready with the first rough draft of my new film script.

24 January 2017

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This morning at 5, I was walking in the dunes, the moon was halfway. Today is the shortest day of the year.

21 December 2016

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I’m working hard on my new film script with subsidy of the Dutch Film Fund. It’s a story about a lonely birdwatcher on a small island somewhere in the midst of the sea.

12 November 2016

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time flies

They say: the older you get, the faster time passes. It’s totally true and therefore I do feel the urge not to waste a minute.

10 October 2016

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In een roestbak de oceaan over


19 September 2016

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again in transition

Last week I had an interview-talk with Manuel Moyano, a Spanish writer. We talked about writing and our new books.

15 August 2016

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rising bird

Almost three weeks ago Paradijsvogel was launched. The first very enthusiastic readers reviews are on-line and a lot of 5 stars. You can read them all: Bol.Com – Hebban.NL – Libris.NL – Goodreads – AKO.

6 July 2016

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Left the nest

My new novel PARADIJSVOGEL (Bird of Paradise) is now in the bookstores.

16 June 2016

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Bird of Paradise

In 1 month my new novel, PARADIJSVOGEL (Bird of Paradise), will be launched

11 May 2016

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crossed the Atlantic

Four and a half week I’ve been on a large container vessel crossing the Atlantic, a rusty old ship, carrying the flag of Gibraltar.

28 March 2016

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