Ostrich town

We are meeting ostrich experts because the ostriches we will use in the film need a lot of research. Ostriches are beautiful but very stupid animals.

Whole day flying

It’s a whole day of flying. Changing planes constanly. In big ones and small ones.


In the remains of an old diamond mining town. We’re on a flight to Kohlmanskop.

Search for more

Trying to find other locations. We search for possible locations for other scenes in the area. I want an area that looks like Afghanistan but the only place we find is too far away and too desolate.

Finding Fairlands

First day of our recce to Namibia. My story is about a lonely woman in a town disappearing under the sand of the endless sand dunes.

The start

What happened before I started the weblog. Short summary of two years hard work and struggle.