Platina Blues

2014 ‘Platina Blues’ is a poetical ONE SHOT film, made on the music and text of Thé Lau, a Dutch rock star who has incurable cancer. During his treatment he wrote an emotional and confronting piece of music of exactly 40 minutes about his fear of death. SEE the whole MOVIE. The in Dutch or in English. – Review NRC. Quote: “Impressive movie at music Thé Lau” (Imponerende film bij plaat Thé Lau). – Premiere 25 sept Dutch Film Festival. 22 Oktober Film Fest Gent.

7 September 2014

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Silent City

2012 Rosa, a young woman goes to Tokyo to learn from a famous Japanese fish master the art of preparing fish. For this purpose she has to learn and understand what fish is. Living in the Japanese metropolis is like being in water. She can swim, but also drown. TRAILER Sold to 32 to countries worldwide. Adaptation of the novel ‘De Stille Stad’ (2006). Silent City is now live on the following platforms: Amazon Instant Video iTunes VUDU

25 April 2008

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the bird can’t fly

2007 TRAILER and the Full Movie The DVD available in Holland and Germany. USA available on DVD at Walmart and on Amazon through Anderson Hollywood reporter: impressive directorial debut Movie2movie: Beautiful magical images Filmkrant: visually very striking Opzij: stunning beauty Dutch Film Festival: an impressive firstling

20 January 2001

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(1996 short film) An adaptation of the Dogtroep show Noordwesterwals. A mythical story about the survival of a flood. . SEE THE MOVIE

1 January 2001

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