Life always changes, rotates and tilts.

21 August 2018

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next step

Making a movie is a time-consuming exercise. I always want to walk much faster than the bureaucratic machine turns.

29 April 2018

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I look back on an exceptional and happy year in which my life has changed very much, personally and professionally.

4 January 2018

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inward outward

The lasts months I have banish myself completely from social media

10 August 2017

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In almost complete silence I move on.

7 April 2017

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rough set up

Ready with the first rough draft of my new film script.

24 January 2017

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This morning at 5, I was walking in the dunes, the moon was halfway. Today is the shortest day of the year.

21 December 2016

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I’m working hard on my new film script with subsidy of the Dutch Film Fund. It’s a story about a lonely birdwatcher on a small island somewhere in the midst of the sea.

12 November 2016

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time flies

They say: the older you get, the faster time passes. It’s totally true and therefore I do feel the urge not to waste a minute.

10 October 2016

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In een roestbak de oceaan over


19 September 2016

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